Matrix: 3009

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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Matrix: 3009

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{Note, this may not be totally accurate since i am fairly new to matrix and haven't seen reloaded, but i'll edit it later when i see reloaded...hopefully this weekend}

December 14th, 3009

A day the crew will speak of for over a century-a day with too many fatalities-a day where blood seems out of the bodies of helpless citizens-a day which we will never forget-a date that will stand the test of time.

December 15th, 3009

No one wil die today. Yesterday, the end for too many, will be the beggining for us. We will not back off a second time. My crew consists of Cealphon, Parasite, and Malimus. I am Asterus and it is time for revenge. We have waited too long. We're trapped-trapped in a world we believe is reality. There are only 4 of us. We know, but no one since the famous morpheus and his crew have. No one knows. They think we're crazy. We've let out the secrets, and are facing the consequences. Half of our crew once spent a day in a mental hopital, and luckily are still with us today. We....we have called ourselves human, and after thousands of years come to find it is a miconception. We are driven by a beleif to know the truth, and have already seen the real world. It shows hope, which we must grasp onto every day.
I ran as fast as phisically possible, even if it was the matrix. Through the building with no stopping. Behind me were 7 agents. I couldn't escape, they had me. I'd gone as far as possible. Dead end. The hall came to an end. I turned my body around and called back to Cealphon to use the new technology we'd aquired where we could upload anything to the matrix. "3 loads should do" i whispered into the mic that linked me to the real world. I heard the agents around the corner and quickly yelled "Nearest exit?!?".
"Uploaded nearest exit..,.and it is...*#!@, it's 1920 bronxe, agent occupied.
Agents turned the corner and i held my body stiff with gun extended.
"Drop the gun" one yelled, but i stayed in position. The fresh sound of loading a gun rang throughout the room as all the agents and myself loaded at the same time.
"I'll make you a deal." I said as i realized there was a window behind me though i knew nothing of what lay below.
"We all drop our guns and fight this the old fashioned way".
"Well...sounds....interesting" one said while i noticed the other one nudge him. They all dropped their guns as did I. It all went so slowly. I threw my mic into my pocket and moved my position. I got prepared for an attack but saw nothing.
"You know you're crazy. You're prepared to make the world believe your foolish lives. We can't keep you living, and you can't stop us" they challanged as the one who was talking moved into a fighting position. He flipped and threw a punch but had not chance. I put up a arm and he was on the ground. With four others on me, it was time, i pulled out my gun loaded it quicky and shot each one. Meanwhile, i leaned back and fell out the window.
It wasn't soon before i realized what i had jumped off of. A 40 story building of which i was on the 37th floor of. i was freefalling--to my death? No...of course not..this was the "how am i gonna get out of here", i thought to myself. I was falling too fast to know what was going on. I closed my eyes and fell into a dream world.

{To be continued, when i have time... soon}
Buckle up dorthy cuz' kansas is going bye-bye. -Matrix
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