Matrix What If Ch. 9

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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Matrix What If Ch. 9

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The war had now become more complicated for both machine and mankind than anything either has seen...

"It simply told me that I had to go back and take the red pill, so the Matrix could be rebuilt. I remembered what the agents had told me about the Prophecy and I decided to go. The Source told me that if I didn't go, he would be able to rebuild the Matrix anyway. I thought maybe if I did this, I would be able to help more."

The Oracle nodded. "What did the place feel like you were in? What did it look like?"

"I felt... I felt numb all over. I was in a white room. I couldn't see anything but white and myself. I didn't have a shadow. All I saw was light, and I don't even know if I was standing or lying down or anything." Neo answered.

The Oracle looked at Neo, "Well, I have some advice for you then, Neo. You better be the One. Cause if you're not, you can say bye to Zion."

"Yes," Neo said, "I am sure. I was even told by an agent itself."

"An agent?" the Oracle said, "Son, agents cannot know these things, unless they have to."

"Smith told me. He told me right before he shot."

"Hmm, Neo, I'm done talking with you for now. Please tell Morpheus I'd like to see him."


"Morpheus, he's seen the Source." The Oracle said, "Do you know what this means?"

"No, Oracle."

"It means that The Source may have direct control over Neo."

"But how did this happen?"

"Morpheus, I know about the virus. Your body died hundreds of years ago. For hundreds of years, The Matrix was destroyed by this virus, and for hundreds of years, the Source survived, building up power to bring back Neo, and to reset the Matrix, so Neo could take the red pill."

"Oracle, I don't understand."

"If you try to jack out, you will die. Your body is dead, and your mind is trapped, in the Matrix."

"What about Niobe?"

"I don't know what happened to her. Do not worry about her though, she is alive." The Oracle said.

"What do I do about Neo then?"

"Nothing, Morpheus, but if he starts to change... you will know it, and if he does.... you have to kill him. Once the Source takes over him- If he does that is- you have to kill him, for he will never let go of him."

"Ok, Oracle. Goodbye."

"So long, Morpheus..."

"Come, we need to leave." Morpheus said to his crew.

"What happened?" Trinity said.

As they got onto the elevator, Morpheus explained but the chance Neo might be taken over. He did not want them to lose faith in him, for in Morpheus' eyes, he was the answer to all...

It is purpose that created us- purpose that connects us-purpose that pulls us-that guides us-that drives us-it is purpose that defines-purpose that binds us.
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