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The Matrix.. What If Ch. 11

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2004 6:25 am
by zed

Cypher's chance was now coming...

Morpheus, Niobe, and Switch were in the main room of the warehouse, otherwise called the "safe place" by the captains. They were discussing trying to contace Zion, if there even is a Zion as they remember. Trinity, Mouse, and Neo were resting the security room, and Cypher and Apoc were searching for weapons lost by other freed soldiers there before them.

"So Apoc, whaddaya think about all this huh?" Cypher said, "All that death. All Morpheus. Boy-o, was he messed up then huh."

"I guess so, but then again, his entire meaning in life was pretty much over as far as he saw it I guess."

Cypher and Apoc sat down to rest for a while.

"Man, though, this means we're hundreds of years old, at least our minds." Cypher said, "But do you think we can still trust Morpheus?"

Apoc looked at Cypher strangely.

"Why would you ask me that, Cypher, you know my answer."

"Yea, I know, I know. YOu would follow him to death," Cypher got up and casually walked behind Apoc's chair, "Fortunantly for me, you can prove it."

Cypher took his knife and sent it driving into Apoc's back and held his mouth so no one would hear.

"That takes care of one..."

Outside in the Megacity, out there two agents stood.

Agent Smith and Brown, the two responsible for killing Neo hundreds of years earlier, but they still did not know this.

"I am getting a strange signal," Brown said, "Morpheus is here, but he's not jacked in..."

"It doesn't matter. Where is he?" Smith said.

"That's another problem. The coordinates seem encrypted." Brown answered.

"Give it a minute, and we will have it." Smith said, "It's only a matter of time..."


"Hey Mouse, help me n' Apoc out with some crates!" Cypher shouted into Mouse's quarters.

"Be right out." Mouse answered, waking up.

"Why does he always ask me..." he thought as he walked outside. As soon as he made it out of earshot, Cypher grabbed his face and stabbed him in the stomach twice.

"Sorry friend, but I'm done with this war. And so are you." Cypher said to him and dragged Mouse to where he had hid Apoc.

"Now for Neo..." Cypher said to himself.

Cypher walked into the security room where Trinity and Neo were resting. Where Mouse was resting before he was killed. Both were asleep. This would just be easier for Cypher. He walked to the chair where Neo was and pulled out his knife...