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The dream rewritten ch2

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:57 pm
by Seraphim

The hovercraft BUSHIDO swept through the tunnels of the scorched real world. Inside two crewmembers where in the middle of a discussion concerning Mike and the possibility of people freeing themselves from the matrix.

Razor: ”Hey saviour you have any idea as to how it’s possible that Trax keeps waking up in the real world when he dreams”?.

Saviour: ”No but what I am wondering is why he doesn’t stay awake.
It should be possible for him to break out on his own”.

Razor:” I have never heard of anyone doing that”.

Saviour: ”Well there is a first time for everything”.

Razor: ”Even if he did manage to break out by himself we still wouldn’t be able to locate him without him taking the pill”.

Saviour: ”Yeah I know so we better see to it that he does choose the red pill when the time is right”.

Razor: ”And when will that be. He’s got agents watching him.

Saviour: ”That can be a problem. We better get him out soon”.

Razor: ”Yeah the sooner the better”.

Saviour: ”I mean he’s already questioning the world around him so I don’t think it will be too much of a-

Suddenly the cabin door opened and Jade entered the room.

Jade: ”What’s you talking about”?

Razor: ”A coppertop”.

Jade: ”Trax”?.

Saviour: ”Yeah. We were just discussing him waking up in his pod when he dreams.

Jade: ”That is so fascinating”.

Razor: ”Yes indeed”.

Jade: ”I wonder how he does it?. Just imagine what it would mean if he managed to get himself out. If he did that then it should be possible for everyone to”

”Don’t get too carried away” Razor interrupted. He hasn’t done it yet and he might not do it at all so don’t get your hopes up”.

Jade: ”Yeah yeah I know I’m just saying what if”. She paused for a second. ”What if” she repeated with hope in her voice.

Saviour: ”Yeah but we might never find out if he can do it on his own because we’re getting him out as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile on the upper deck captain Ming and the ships operator Cabal were engaged in a different conversation.

Cabal: ”So what do you think. I mean about Neo”?.

Ming: ”What about him”?.

Cabal: ”You know, him being the one, the prophecy, all that”.

Ming: ”I don’t know what to believe”.

Cabal: ”I find it hard to believe that one man is going to save us all”.

Ming:”I have heard about him doing some pretty amazing things. And Morpheus seems so sure that Neo will put an end to this conflict. But I like you am having a hard time seeing how that could be possible”.

Cabal: ”I guess all we can do is hope”.

Ming: ”Yes but hope alone won’t stop the machines from trying to kill us”.

Cabal: ”Nope we have EMP’s for that”.

Back in the Matrix monday afternoon 14:53.

Mike was hammering away at his keyboard searching the web for information about sleeping disorders while his head was pounding as a result of a sleepless weekend. The images from the nightmares were fresh in his mind, torturing him.
His encounter with the man in the suit had begun to bother him again and he caught himself looking over his shoulder every now and then.
Give it up man no one is following you. Why would someone be watching me it’s absurd he thought to himself.
Then the computer screen turned black.

”What the”!

A message popped up on screen. Your dreams are showing you the truth.

He felt the hairs on his neck stand up. He just starred at the screen.

Finally he replied: Who is this?.

That’s not important what’s important is that I know why you feel out of touch with the world.

How do you know about my dreams. What’s going on?.

Just listen to what I have to say we don’t have much time. You are being watched.

Mike felt his stomach twist.

What, by who?

The man in black you saw friday night.

How the hell do you know about that?.

Like I said we don’t have much time. It will all be explained soon. In about 30 seconds someone is going to knock on your door. You will be presented with the opportunity to find out what is wrong with the world around you. I know this sounds crazy but trust me. Hopefully you will make the right decision.

The screen turned black again.

Mike didn’t know what to think. What did this mean?.

He turned his head and looked at the door. He grew more nervous by each passing second.

KNOCK KNOCK. He almost fell out of his chair.
He walked slowly towards the door while his heart was beating like crazy.
He unlocked the door and opened it.
There stood an asian woman with long black hair, very attractive. She was dressed all in black and wore dark sunglasses.
She walked straight into the apartment.

”Hey what are you doing and who are you”!.

”We don’t have time for questions right now but hi I’m Jade and you are Trax so now that we have that out of the way let’s get to work.

”Wait who was that on my computer and how do you”

”What did I say about questions” she interupted him. ”There will be plenty of time for that later but for now I have a question for you. Do you want to know why you feel disconnected from the world”?.

Mike wasn’t sure what to say. Who was this girl and how did she know all this and could she be trusted he wondered while a feeling of suspicion emerged in him.

She took of her glasses and put them on a table beside her then took a short step towards Mike looking straight at him. Mike stumbled backwards as she approached. For a moment he lost himself in her deep brown eyes. Jade put her hands in the pockets of her long leather coat.
She pulled out her hands and opened them.
In her right hand she had a red pill, in her left a blue one.

Meanwhile in a building in the middle of the city.

Agent Jackson: ”They have made contact. Deploy three units to his apartment right away”.
Agent Johnson: ”Yes. We have them now”.

Back in Mikes apartment.

”If you take the red pill there is no return. The whole truth will be revealed. The life you know will be over.
If you take the blue pill you will not remember ever seeing me and you will go back to your ordinary life. It’s your choice”.

Jades voice had a calming impact on him. He began to think that in the end what did he have to lose. His suspicion slowly turned into curiosity.

”Well yes or no, red or blue”?.

He took a deep breath and reached slowly for the red pill while looking at Jade not sure what to think.
He took the pill from her hand and looked at it for a second then swallowed it.

”Good now follow me”.

”Where are we go-

He was interrupted by the sound of a cell phone. Jade reached into her pocket, pulled out the phone and flicked it open.



”Any agents”?.


”Ok call you back soon”. She put the phone back in her pocket and put her glasses back on. ”Lets go”.



Mike was startled by her sudden outburst. He did what she ordered while grabbing his jacket as they ran out the door. They started running down the street when suddenly they heard the sound of a siren and a cop car pulled up in front of them. They turned around and ran in the other direction with the cop car behind them. Now two more cars appeared in front of them and raced towards them. They had nowhere to go.


”Just stay calm” Jade answered.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:51 am
by syntax
:shock: Nice continuation. This is getting good. Keep it up.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 2:35 pm
by Seraphim
Thank you syntax.Did you read ch 1 too I made a lot of changes in it.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:06 pm
by syntax
Yes I did read it.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:50 pm
by Seraphim
ch 3 coming very soon