The dream rewritten ch 3

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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The dream rewritten ch 3

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The police cars stopped in front of them and four cops ran out with their guns drawn. There were six of them. The cops behind Mike and Jade were still in their car.

”DON’T MOVE”! one officer shouted.

”Fuck we’re screwed” Mike whispered.

”No we will be just fine, when I attack hit the ground”.

”What. Are you crazy”?.

”SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU”! another officer screamed.

Jade looked around her. Four in front two behind she thought.

Mike’s heart was pounding like crazy.

Two cops came towards them with cuffs ready.


Jade and Mike turned around to face the two cops still in their car and Jade closed her eyes. Mike was on her right.

Both cops had the cuffs in their left hand and their gun in the right hand.

The cop was about to put the cuffs on Jades left arm when she exploded into a furious rage spinning around to her left knocking the officers arm away while delivering a bone shattering elbow attack to his jaw that dropped him to the ground and then she went after the cop that was behind Mike and grabbed his gun with her left hand and smashed him in the face with a devestating punch that crushed his nose.

She spun the cop around as she yanked the gun away from him and grabbed him around the throat using him as a shield as she shot the two officers in front of her who tried desperatly to fire back but the bullets missed their mark and penetrated the shoulder and chest of Jades shield. She let him go and he fell down with blood still spraying out of his nose screaming in pain as Jade finished him off with his own gun.

She moved at lightning speed, the other cops had hardly begun to react.
They rushed out of their car shooting in panic as Jade took a leap forward and rolled in behind one of the cop cars in front of her while pulling out two more guns from her coat.

She took a deep breath then rushed back out shooting like mad.
While one of the two cops that were left hid himself behind his car the other one fell to the ground showered with bullets bathing in a pool of blood.

Mike was on the ground with his hands over his head screaming in panic.

”GET THE HELL UP”! she shouted while shooting at the remaining cop behind the car to keep him down. Blood was splattered all over her coat and face.

Mike got up and they started running. Jade threw away her guns, picked up her phone and called Cabal.



”Theres a phone booth straight ahead just keep running but what about OH SHIT THERE’S AN AGENT RIGHT BEHIND YOU”!.

Bullets from agent Jacksons gun soared past Jades head.

All of a sudden Mike in a moment of confusion went off in another direction and ran away from Jade.

”TRAX WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING”?! she screamed after him.

Cabal: ”He’s on his own now just keep running you’re almost there”.

”OK SEE YOU SOON”!. she heard the signal and raced towards the phone booth. Agent Jackson was still after her running hard.

She ran into the booth and picked up the phone as bullets shattered the glass. She just made it.

Agent Jackson now began pursuing Mike.

In the BUSHIDO Jade opened her eyes as Razor unplugged her and she ran over to Cabal.

”Where is he”?.

”He’s still running, the agent is right behind him. He’s about to hit a dead end”.

”What, no no, come on Trax you can do it just break out” she said in a desperate voice.

Saviour: ”Focus Trax, just do it, let everything go”.

Ming and Razor just watched nervously.

Mike ran as fast as he could, breathing hard. He ran into an alley and hid behind a dumpster.

Agent Jackson was closing in on him fast.

Once again time slowed down and Mike began to hallucinate.
He looked at the wall in front of him and it seemed to melt as the colour faded into a greyish tone.

”This can’t be happening” he said to himself.

Back onboard the hovercraft they all just watched as the agent approached.
They all thought that this was it. He was going to die. A sense of hopelesness spread through each of the crewmembers like a virus.

Mike looked down on the ground as he listened to the footsteps of his doom coming closer.

”This can’t be it it just can’t be” he tried to convince himself while his body seemed to be going numb. He was paralysed with fear, his life flashing before his eyes.

He looked up and there he stood looking down on him.

”Only human” agent Jackson said mockingly as he raised his gun and pointed it towards Mikes head.

And in that instant all the fear and doubt vanished and Mike closed his eyes while a feeling of serenity spread through him as he told himself ”this is not real”.

ad icin evoc deht...
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