The dream ch5

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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The dream ch5

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”CHARGE THE EMP NOW!” Captain ming shouted as Jade and Trax ran out of the room.

Jade: ”Sentinels”?.

”Yeah a shitstorm of them I don’t know where the hell they came from they just appeared out of nowhere” Saviour answered as Razor rushed up the ladder.

Cabal: ”They will reach us before we can take off”.

Razor: ”Let’em come then we’ll fry the fuckers”.

Ming: ”How’s that EMP coming along”!?.

Cabal: ”It’s taking its sweet time as usual goddamn slow piece of shit”!.

Saviour: ”Oh fuck they’re almost here”.

Trax: ”Whats happening”!?.

Jade: ”We’re about to be paid a visit by our friends the sentinels”.

Trax: ”What the hell is that”!?.

Jade: ”You’re about to find out”.

”HERE THEY COME”! Saviour screamed as the wave of sentinels crashed into the ship almost tipping it over as Trax, Jade and Razor fell to the floor by the impact.



The sentinels were all over the ship like leeches burning holes everywhere with their lasers trying to get in.

Trax got back up and looked out through the ships cockpit and saw a sentinel looking straight at him and he stumbled backwards frightened like hell.

The sentinels worked franticly cutting the BUSHIDO open and the ones on top of the ship had now sliced up a big enough hole for them to get through and started crawling in.


Ming: ”CABAL”!.



Razor heard the loud sound of metal clanking against metal and as he turned around he found himself face to face with a sentinel that was towering over him ready to cut him to pieces.

”GOT IT!” Cabal screamed as he blew the EMP and the blast wave spread rapidly through the tunnels as the sentinels fell off the ship dead.

Razor looked at the metal corpse in front of him and thanked god that he was still alive.

”BURN IN HELL MOTHERFUCKER”! he shouted while kicking it violently.

Ming: ”Let’s return home that was a little too close for my taste and we have to do something about that EMP”.

Cabal: ”Yes sir”.

Razor: ”Before we go let’s dump this piece of crap outside”.

Trax was on his knees with his hands over his head praying that he would wake up in his bed and that these past days were just a dream.

Saviour walked up to Trax and put his hand on his shoulder ”Are you ok”?.

Trax got up without answering, walked away and climbed down the ladder as Jade turned her head and looked at him with a worried look on her face. The echoes from his footsteps bounced between the walls of the corridor as he went back to his room.

Jade: ”I feel so sorry for him having to go through all this, I remember what it was like when I was freed, the fear, the confusion and eventually finding out that your entire life up to that point had been nothing but a simulation, a dream”.

Saviour: ”Yeah the first days are tough but he’ll get through it. But I wonder how he will react when he finds out that he is the only one who has released himself from the matrix”.

Ming: ”Let him rest for a while and I will talk to him later but for now let’s get moving I don’t want any more surprises”.

Razor: ”Hey Saviour, Jade, give me a hand with this shit will you”.

Trax was in his bed cold and shivering from exhaustion and as his mind was drifting away he felt the ship move, then everything faded and he fell into a deep sleep.

When he opened his eyes a few hours later everything was a blur and he saw the vague contours of Captain Ming as he entered the room and for the first time in months he was not tormented by his headache.

”How are you holding up”?.

”You know, I was hoping to wake up in my apartment in my own bed. That is not going to happen anymore is it”?.

Ming sat himself down on the floor beside Trax bed.

”No it’s not”. He paused for a second. ”What I am about to tell you is going to be very hard for you to understand”.


”The reason why you are not waking up in your bed anymore is because until a few days ago your life was nothing but a sham to keep you tucked away in ignorance. Your life never actually took place”.

”I have been told nothing but crazy things since I came here, first Saviour said something about me dreaming when I was awake or something like that and Jade said that the truth was being kept from me, now it sounds like you are telling me that my life never happened, how can you say that, I want to know what the hell you mean”?.

”I say this because it’s true, your life was all an illusion created to keep you like the rest of the human race from realizing what is actually going on”.

”What do you mean actually going on”?.

”How much did Jade tell you before we were attacked”?.

”The last thing she mentioned was something called the Matrix”.

Ming took a long deep breath while looking at Trax hoping he wouldn’t break down. ”I’m assuming that you are familiar with the term virtual reality”.

”Yeah” Trax answered wondering anxiously where this conversation was going.

”Then let me ask you, what if you had been living in a virtual environment that was as realistic as real life since birth. How would you know the difference between the virtual and the real”?.

”I guess I wouldn’t, but what’s that got to do with anything”? he asked and as the seconds passed Trax slowly began to understand what the captain was suggesting although he thought it sounded too insane to be true.

”I hope you are not saying what I think you are saying”.

”Yes unfortunately I am”.

”But that’s impossible”.

”Did you not experience after your nightmares began that the world around you felt fake, almost hollow, that there was something wrong with it”?.

”Yes but I just thought that I was going crazy” he answered hesitantly as his voice staggered and his face turned white.

As I said this is going to be hard and it is difficult for me to explain this without showing you, you have to experience it for yourself to believe it so now I want you to come with me”.

Trax got up and followed him not knowing what was about to hit him.

On the upper deck Cabal and Saviour were in control over the ship guiding it smoothly through the dark tunnels back to Zion.

Jade and Razor came to meet them and by looking at Trax face Jade understood what they had been talking about.

They walked over to what seemed in Trax eyes to be a bunch of old dentist chairs surrounded by some computer screens.

Ming: ”Make yourself comfortable”.

Trax sat down in one of the chairs and tried to relax but he was extremely nervous and kept looking at the others wondering what they were about to do to him.

Ming: ”This is going to feel a little strange but it will be over in a second so just relax” he said as he reached for a long needle attached to a cable and put it behind Trax head as Razor moved over to one of the computer screens.

Just as Trax exhaled Ming crammed the needle into in his neck and his body twitched while his face revealed that he was in a state of panic. He was about to scream and closed his eyes hard.

Then, complete silence as Trax opened his eyes and to his surprise saw that he was surrounded by nothing but bright white space and a few seconds later Ming appeared in front of him.

Trax: Where the fuck are we”!?.

Ming: If I told you that we are inside a computer program would you believe me”?.

Trax just stared at him with a very confused look on his face and was not sure what to answer. ”But, but a moment ago we were on the ship and now I am supposed to believe that we are in a computer program just like that”.

Ming: ”Your body is still in the chair on the ship”.

Trax: ”But I am standing here right now so how can I be on the ship”?.

Ming: ”If you don’t believe me then look at your arms”.

Trax looked at his arms and was shocked to see that the holes were gone and when he quickly felt the back of his head he found no hole there either and he was dressed in his normal clothes and not the torn rags he had on the ship.

Trax: ”How is this possible”?.

Ming: ”I know this is difficult to get your head around but your mind is currently plugged into a computer program that we call the construct and your body right now is a digital representation of your mind, it is your residual self image. This is the virtual you”.

Mings last words struck Trax hard. He glanced at his arms one more time not wanting to believe what had just been told to him but the fact that the holes were gone remained.

He felt completely devestated as he gradually began to accept that what Ming was telling him might actually be true and he thought back to the question about not being able to tell the virtual from the real and Ming saying his life had been an illusion when suddenly his thought was interrupted as he found himself standing in a movie theatre with a big black screen in front of him and two chairs behind him and Ming sitting in one of them.

Ming: ”Come and sit down”.

He sat down beside Ming and watched the screen as it slowly turned brighter and the light eventually engulfed the theatre.

Ming: ”In the end of the twentieth century all mankind were for the first time in history united, coming together to celebrate the fact that a long-term dream had been realised. The creation of artificial intelligence”.

Trax just listened to Ming speak as the light faded and the theatre turned pitch black. He watched as a blurred image appeared on screen and as it cleared up he saw that it portrayed a clear blue sky with the sun shining over a big bright city with robots and people walking side by side on the streets. Man and machine in what seemed to be perfect harmony. Then he saw the machines working very hard doing everything their human masters didn’t want to or couldn’t do. They just followed the orders that were being given to them.

Ming: ”And for a very long time the machines did almost everything for us without asking for anything in return, and as time passed people lost more and more respect for them and their status in society decreased constantly. But man did not pay attention to the fact that they were aware of their situation and a feeling of discontent rapidly emerged amongst the machines”.

The image of the city then disintegrated and vanished as another dim image appeared and slowly the face of a robot could be distinguished. Trax still didn’t say anything he just listened with a worried look on his face.

Ming: ”B166ER, the beginning of the end for the human race as rulers of this planet”.

Trax looked as the face turned into the inside of an apartment. Two people were very upset and screamed at their robot that he was going to do as he was told.
They had decided to terminate him but the robot refused to obey his owners commands. They were furious and attacked their robot attempting to destroy him themselves.

What was then depicted on screen was a massacre as the robot in self defense crushed his owners skulls between his metal hands and their brains dripped from his fingers.

Trax felt sick and was about to throw up as the horrific scene ended. What he was being shown made him feel very uncomfortable and he was unable to speak while he continued to stare at the screen as he now saw the interior of a court room and B166ER was on trial for the murder of his owners.

Ming: ”B166ER was the first machine to say no to and kill a human and for that he was to be destroyed along with the rest of his kind. This sparked the rage that had been growing in the machines for so long and massive demonstrations took place all over the world”.

Suddenly very violent images of fierce riots displayed the machines turning on their human masters and the streets were filled with chaos and turmoil. The coexistence between man and machine was now nothing more than a slowly fading memory.

Ming: ”Eventually the machines were banished. Cast out of human society they built their own nation called 01, a place they could call home, were they thought they would be allowed to exist as they tried to be at peace with us”.

The images of the riots dissapeared to show 01 in all it’s glory.

Ming: ”But we weren’t satisfied, we wanted them exterminated, every last one of them. So we launched a massive nuclear attack on them and at that moment we initiated our own defeat”.

A huge nuclear blast covered the screen as a distorted, crying human face was shown as he was being ripped to pieces by a huge insect looking machine and the horrifying images continued with armies of humans being slaughtered as the machines pressed their attack killing everyone in their path. The humans tried to fight back but their weapons were useless, they were being taken apart and severed limbs were everywhere while nuclear explosions swept across the planet destroying everything.

Ming: ”In desperation the leaders of the remaining human cities decided to block out the sun by blackening our skies thinking that the machines would die if the energy source that they needed to survive was taken away”.

Trax watched as hundreds of planes dropped tons and tons of bombs that released a thick smoke that gradually covered the entire surface creating an everlasting night. But the slaughter continued as the human resistance was crushed and the surface of the world turned into a wasteland. He was completely shattered and was about to get up and leave when he saw something that put him right back in his chair scared out of his mind.

A little baby in the same kind of pod he had been in with cables penetrating the arms, legs, mouth and neck.

Ming: ”This is their energy source now and has been ever since we were defeated while the human race remains unknowing. The matrix is a system of control, a virtual dream world, sort of like the program you are in now only more complex, designed to make us believe that we are living a normal life while the electric energy that we produce is being used by the current rulers of the planet in order for them to survive. That is why I said your life never really took place, that it was an illusion because you have been nothing but a battery”.

Trax hid his face in his hands as the screen turned black again and the theatre lit up. Tears were pouring from his eyes as he stood up and started walking around mumbling to himself as Ming ordered the others to get them out.

Before Trax knew it he was back on the ship looking into Jades face as Razor pulled out the needle. He sat up and his eyes were completely empty and he seemed to be somewhere else. He got out of the chair and fell to his knees sweating and crying as Jade put her hand on his shoulder.

Jade: ”Everything will be ok, I know how you feel, we all do because everyone here has been through this and believe me, you will be ok”.

Trax: ”Leave me alone” he said and his voice trembled as the tears kept flowing.

Everyone walked away and he just sat there, on his knees with his head bent, alone in this dark new world.

ad icin evoc deht...
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