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Assault on the Behemoth

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 3:57 pm
by Apollo
aprat from the story that i am doing with most of you this is my first Fan Fiction, so i hope you like it! it will be in 2 or 3 parts to keepyou on your toes :D

Assault on the Behemoth

Somewhere in the city in the alleys behind a diner a man sits surrounded by his dead comrades, he pulls out his cell phone, and says “Come on man, get me an exit” the phone says “I’m sorry the number you have called come be reached”

The man get to his feet and walks to a pay phone that on the outside of the diner, his cell phone rings he smiles and quickly starts to talk, “Jules get me an Exi” the man was cut off by another voice “Spook, its Malachi from the Caduceus where are you?” Spook replies “I’m behind a diner on the corner of ” Malachi interrupts “No really where are you?” Spook worriedly says “I..i don’t know the captain said something ab..about Sewer 269 but that was a while before we jacked in” Malachi says “Don’t worry we’ll find you, I’m coming in to keep you company, stay at the diner I’ll be there in an hour” Spook puts the cell phone in his pocket and runs to the diner , he take a seat in the corner and waits for Malachi to come to his aid.

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 5:05 pm
by ThomasAnderson
Good beginning, write more when you get the chance.

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:40 am
by Apollo
Assault on the Behemoth

Part 2

An hour later Spook hears Malachi’s bike park outside, Spook sits quietly not attracting attention to himself, Malachi walks in and walks over to the table Spook is sitting at and sits in the chair opposite him, Spook says “Thanks God, I was sure the Agents were going to get me” Malachi says “If they were, they would be here by now, listen we think the Behemoth was attacked, can you tell me what happened?”

Spook starts by says “We were coming back from a drop and Jules called, there was a lot of static on the line but we knew something was wrong, we continued our return in the alleys and then all of a sudden Runner just fell and didn’t get up, we had to continue to the exit, then Seeks leg snapped right in front of us, there was blood everywhere, I stopped to help as he was screaming in pain, and then it just stopped, I could see that we were just a few feet from the exit, but by what was happening, it was best we were here” Malachi said “We will try and find you as soon as possible, you should go to a quite bed and breakfast” Spook shout “BED AND BREAKFAST?” Malachi says “quiet down you’ll be killed!” Spook settles down and says “How long are you going to be?” Malachi says “We don’t know, Ballard is running a search we were in Tunnel 269 but you were not there we have moved on to Tunnel 279, we believe that you might be in the area of Tunnel 314, it will take a day at least to get there, come on I’ll give you a ride”

They both stand up, and a waitress shouts “Hey pal, you didn’t pay fo” at that point they turn as the waitress morphs into Agent Johnson, Malachi pulls out a glock and opens fire on the Agent as they both run for the door, Johnson dodges the bullets and jumps through a window as Malachi and Spook exit the diner.

They both run for the alley as Johnson quickly pursues them, Malachi shouts to Spook who is a few feet in front of him “HEAD FOR THE FIRE ESCAPE!” Spook reaches the 1st floor and opens fire upon the Agent who just turned into the alley, Malachi climbs up as Spook bursts through one of the windows, Malachi flows and gives Spook a piece of paper with an address on it, Malachi says “Get there now, I will draw him away” Malachi returns to the fire escape and continues up the building followed by the Agent, Spook leaves the room, and heads towards the Bed and Breakfast