Beyond the buddhist concept of the MIND and 'god'

Is the universe a hologram? Are we living in a giant metaphysical Matrix? Discuss about it in here...
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Beyond the buddhist concept of the MIND and 'god'

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"What" we think is nice enough to allow us to conclude what controls the universe and reality: the mind. It doesn't end there nor did it begin there.

The mind may be the only thing that exists and all that we experience or think comes from its manifestations; but why is it that there's a mind doing what it does exist anyway? All is mind doesn't answer it. What purpose or fuction does it have? Or is there another phrase or smart-aleck comment that can pin its function and/or purpose on being another figment of the mind's vast function of illusion?

But to me, as a self-proclaimed transphilosopher, it makes 'why is there a mind to think all that it does exist' that much more interesting if the mind is the source of everything.

Why would a mind need to reside behind contradictions? What is its flawed logic hiding? What is it protecting?

What if the mind is a bi-product of there already being things to be thought? The mind could very well be a facilitator. An effect brought on from the cause of pre-existence.

So instead of the paradigm being the mind versus all that 'IT' manifests; it is now the totality or infinitely expanding knowables, unknown and known, versus the mind and at what rate it can come to understand. Most likely, the function or purpose of all this knowable information and potential thoughts is to be gathered and made from infinite to finite. Or rather, the information and potential thoughts give the instructions on how to solve it, gather it, piece it together as intricately or simply express it like I'm trying to right now. It would help justify the seemingly new or inevitable things understood as a beyond or before fate sort of thing. Unless fate is a concept beyond the mind and thoughts, meaning that the thoughts or totality of everything knowable caused the eventuality of the mind as a means to an end in a sort of diminishing cycle. As though the more you understand, the less time you have in existence. That in itself represents a kind of inevitable count down.
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