Is the universe a hologram? Are we living in a giant metaphysical Matrix? Discuss about it in here...
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It's not incredibly debatable that what the world is currently experiencing is a giant build up of disasterous events intending on showcasing the great finale of life as we know it.

The majority of the population is being subjected to a slow accumulation of torture, decay, and detention, while the few elites that actually have control over the majority of what we see in the world are raised to ever new places in the ideologies of our swine of a species.

You can almost watch the regression happen in front of your eyes. People had even come to a point where idols and gods were no longer nessesary to have a piece of mind with our existence. Though we've in fact come full circle. Only now in our culture, our worshipping alter is a television set, and our God is a black man with a hypnotizing chant of change, an army of men behind a dark curtain, and a fuck load of doublespeak.

We've abandoned the spiritual for the materialistic, when what we were really trying to trade was fantasy for reality. It's sort of ironic, exactly how that worked out.

In the last two years, after coming to terms with a corrupt government and a need to change the world before it became too late, I discovered something myself.
I found it strange that these groups of individuals seem to have a very.. demonic.. reputation behind their advancement towards world power. They seem to believe in all of the spiritual forces that govern this earth, and they also seem to entice the assistance of the worst ones. As an individual who had at one point refuted God and destiny and everything else that could possibly dictate some kind of justice in this world, I found their personal involvement in these.. dark arts.. interesting.

Now, this is not so much a debate on the validity of such elite, deep pocketed, Satan-worshipping, immoral scum bags of this earth. For all purposes we should assume they do in fact exist. More importantly, my focus is drawn to how spiritual this whole ordeal is for them.

In all rational conclusions, we could say that it's quite possible that denying a spiritual existence might actually be the perfect concoction to an easy enslavement. Especially if such forces do exist, and if one side of those wishes to help us restore the equillibrium.

I guess what I'm trying to say..

I haven't been able to truely express everything that's been happening to me in the past two years to anyone in my immediate circle. I chalked it up originally to simple coincidence, but as the time's progressed, I can't help but even go so far as to believe in an immediate involvement of higher powers in my life. It sounds crazy to admit, but everyday is a new handful of events (and some just stick out like a sore thumb.. an episode of South Park I saw the other day took me for a complete loop), and I feel like something is trying to get across a message to me. I feel like I'm being sent through a series of personal tests while my eyes are kept on a final destination.

Even today, the 5th Anniversary of my time here at proved to be a very trying one. I just can't stand back and watch my life without picking out the strange rythyms that seem to be pulsating me towards a full rebirth.

And what's more is I'm not the only one that seems to have discovered something different about our generation. People with a higher sense of purpose, a special train of soul, a special view on life. An intuition beyond what we've been taught could be anything but sane.

I've heard these people called Indigo children. And if they do exist, if I exist amongst them, I believe that we're here to set things right in the world.

I'm asking you, all, here, that if you feel this pull, this spiritual following. If you see what kind of evil we're set against, and have the faith to believe that our world's been sent this one last chance for redemption.

I urge you.

In the eyes of a dream, I'll always be watching you

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