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Is the universe a hologram? Are we living in a giant metaphysical Matrix? Discuss about it in here...
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Trug wrote:Man, you don't even know what I am writing. I am writing a series of short stories based on the U.R.F. theory. That is the Unlimited Reality Factor theory. It is the theory that there is an unlimited amount of alternate existenses where anything is possible. Animals outrank humans, bugs are the size of tigers, cards hold the power of god, and many others. Right now I am writing a piece of that series called "The search for Raigeki." It is about how some card shop owner is accidentally teleported to the dimention where playing cards hold power, and some hold much, much more... If you like that idea, just say so, and I will make a topic in "Fan Fiction" to start another idea of mine there.
Stephen King wrote a series called The Gun Slinger with pretty much the same theory.In every Atom that exists exsists a Universe.So its pretty much an Infinite number of Universe's.
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Well no, U.R.F is different, in the sense that it is just paralel universes and alternate realities... and that someone could cross over between them if they encounter one aspect that is same in both realities... like you hop on the same train that goes from one station to the next... it's kinda wierd... but I like it.
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