woodley case

This is where all matters of a serious nature are brought before the Council, including security issues, arbitration issues, dispute settlements, and reinstating of banned users.
Only members of the High Court Jury Usergroup may post in here, but there is a public gallery for all to view the proceedings within the Court.
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Post by Ghost »

Sorry I have not been contributing to this case or even contributing to the board lately. My computer has broken and is in for repair. I am using someone elses computer right now.

I have taken into account all the comments make by the members of the jury. I have seen that most people agree that Woodley should be unbanned from the forums .

In my opinion, taking in all the things that Woodley did wrong, that he should not be banned. Definatley not perminatley anyway.
I know that Woodley did brake many of the rules, one of them making duplicate users which I think is wrong. He did brake 9 different rules stated by Neo in numerous occations and for that he must be punished, but not perminant banning from the board.

I think we should give him another chance and if he consists on braking further rules then we should then consider banning him.
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Post by Neo »

Today, the Court reaches a decision. The jury have spoken and we have the following statements from the respective members:
  • gamer9190: "perhaps give him one last chance to redeem himself. He has contributed to the board, and if he can contribute civilly and peacefully again, it would be a shame to loose him."
  • Boxer R65 (formerly dona): "I think he should be barred from the x-matrix. net website for 2 months. Tell him to come back in two months and try again."
  • Will123: "Woodley must be unband from the site."
  • Trix: "I would have Woodley unbanned from this site"
  • Trinityisdabest: "I think Woodley should be unbanned, but i guess we probably should think of something that would compensate for being disrespectful etc."
  • Trinity16: "We should unban Woodley. This is my decision Neo and I hope it will help you to make up your own mind..."
  • Ghost: "I think we should give him another chance and if he consists on braking further rules then we should then consider banning him."
This is a majority vote of 7 in favour of woodley being unbanned. However, Boxer R65 believes he should remain banned for 2 months, which compromises this vote. As member of the jury, I shall also cast my vote based on comments received from members of the jury and from woodley himself (namely apologies) - and that vote shall be that woodley should be unbanned. This gives a definite majority vote.

As judge in this Court, woodley shall be allowed to continue to post in this discussion board, but he must do so without certain privileges. These are:
  • Ability to display avatar
  • Ability to send private messages
  • Being a moderator in the Members' Forums
  • Bestowment of Special Rank
woodley's former Special Rank of 'Agent Smith' has now been reassigned (or replicated) to Retro, or more to the point Retro is now the prime Smith. woodley is now a 'Smith Clone'. As this particular Special Rank is Neo's opposite in the Matrix, Agent Smith must be active in the forums otherwise it shall replicate to another and Retro will become a Smith Clone. Depending on the respective members' activity, woodley may yet be the prime Agent Smith again.

woodley, I will also expect your quality of posts to be significantly higher than it was previously, akin to the likes of melkor, dakes, Boxer R65, max314, gamer9190, etc. This is the quality of posts this board sustains in order to maintain a high degree of rich information for members, guests, users and browsers of this board, and this must be maintained.

If you should come up in front of the Court again in the future, the Council will not be so lenient.

This is the decree of the Zion High Court and your ability to use the board resumes as of now. Use it wisely...
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