The Matrix: What If... Ch. 12

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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The Matrix: What If... Ch. 12

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heres a new one, havent been on in a while....

When Neo awoke, he and Trinity were both tied up and gagged.

“Don’t thrash,” Cypher said from behind him, “Make too much noise and I could get kinda nervous with this knife.” Cypher had a knife pushed against Trinity’s neck. Neo was lying on the floor and Trinity was standing up, held by Cypher, now he had moved in the front of Neo.

“For your information,” Cypher said as he bent down and put his face inches from Neo’s, “Precious Morpheus is already dead,” he lied, “But then again, we all are. Why keep our minds so… so… bound?” Cypher looked at Neo and smiled. “I’m gonna do the right thing and release your precious Trinity from this prison,” Cypher said and pulled the knife across Trinity’s neck.

Neo screamed out muffled cries, when moments after Trinity fell to the floor, the wall exploded open. Two agents stood where the wall once dominated.


“Agents!” Morpheus said to Niobe and Ghost. They both ran out through the front door, and were met by a new agent, an unknown one. All three of the freedom fighters looked in awe for less than half a second before dashing the other way.

All three ran out past the room where Cypher had just killed Trinity. The walls were shaking, as were the ceilings and floor. Without warning, the walls disappeared, as did the floor. A pit stood below them, black and endless, but they did not fall, but instead, floated in mid-air. The strange agent walked up to the floating, defenseless minds and laughed…

The agent threw three heads at them, all of which landed and floated before each of the three red pills. Two were the searching agents, out to look for the Nebuchadnezzar and Logos crew, while the third was the head of Cypher. The agents Smith and Brown had their usual stare, while Cypher had his cruel grin, frozen to his face.

“That last one wasn’t being very nice to your friends.” The agent said, referring to Cypher, “Oh well, your kind will die soon anyway. We were close, until your little trick killed us for a while.” The mystery agent said this, staring into the pit.

Morpheus, Niobe, and Ghost were all unable to speak. In their heads, though, the murder of Apoc, Niobe, and Mouse was replayed in their minds, and another image was replayed. The image of the Source taking control of Neo flashed in their head like a victory cry for the machines.

The agent stood in the light, and all of the pilots stared at this new agent.

“Well…” the agent said, “Time to go!” The agent turned to the pit and all three of the pilots, and all three of the heads fell into the pit that would end in the destruction of 3 minds, and 3 programs altogether. No Source, no Heaven. Those would be luxuries for anyone else, but they had lived passed the virus, now the machines would condemn all six of them, both spiritually, and in the Matrix.

The agent walked into the room where only Neo remained.


“Why, look who it is!” the agent sneered, “Neo, the One, controlled by the Source. Do you know where I came from?”

Neo could not answer, so the agent removed the gag from Neo’s mouth.

“No, I don’t” Neo said.

“I came from You. You created me.” The agent said and laughed, “It was the death of Trinity and knowing that your friends were in danger is what created me. You are not a simple mind, but you contain the Source within you… You can, and will destroy the Source, so I may rule in its place. I took the liberty of removing any… distractions from your quest.”

Neo got up, ready to fight the agent, when he grabbed Neo and held him to his face. Neo dropped to the ground, breathing heavy from shock, realizing what was happening.

“I have more business to attend to, but I will be back to make sure you are learning how to destroy the Source inside you. No virus will work, as your former captain found. So long, Neo.”

The agent slipped through the walls, defying any rule that the Matrix provided.

The real thing though, that made Neo realize what was happening, as made Morpheus, Niobe, and Ghost realize, though, was his face. His face was Neo’s.
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Post by furiousangel92 »

hmmm this was a pretty good stroy they should have put this in one of the matrix movies the sudden and cruel death of everyone near and to neo including Trinity was a very good twist on the story. I liked it
"The orcle told me that i would fall in love and that,that man...the man that i loved would be the one"

-Trinity(The Matrix 1999)
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