One Voyage

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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One Voyage

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My real life started as I opened my eyes for the first time, all I felt was pain, just a horrible blinding light everywhere, I think I passed out after just a moment of it. I awoke later and found myself being pulled out of a putrid smelling tank, that looked like it contained a mix of embriotic fluid and human waste. My eyes worked now, mostly, but I was aware that my entire body ached badly. I couldn't take the pain and blacked out again without being able to comprehend what was happening around me.

This time when I opened my eyes I saw leaves. Bright, green glistening in the early morning light. I sat up and looked around at a lovely little glade, lush grass surrounded by wonderful trees, shrubs, and flowers, and as I looked closer, fruits and berries. And a small steam gurgled by at one end of the clearing.

I inspected myself and found that I had small metal lined holes on my arms and back. But almost all the muscle pain was gone and I felt good. I was clothed in a loose tunic and and tattered pants. There was a complicated looking medical monitoring device that sat passively displaying my heartbeat, and many other things from the looks of it. It and the illuminated and slightly blue tinged ceiling far above where the only things that looked out of place.

"Keevo, your awake at last." A voice, female, rang out from behind me. I turned to see who had called my name and saw a beautiful woman walking towards me caring a tray of food. She sat down on the blanket I was on and said, "my name is Cat, here I know you must be hungry, eat while I explain whats happened to you". I realized then that I was incredibly hungry and ate ravenously while she explained everything.

About the machines, the war that's now ended, about Moroheous and Neo, and about how I was one of the new arrivals to the Real World. She explained that this was the first time I had ever eaten my food. And it tasted so good. She also told me something else, she told me that humans destroyed the ecosystem on earth and there was permanent cloud cover. She told me that some of the robots went into space... and that they brought some of us with them as a sort of back up power supply while also gathering as much sunlight as they could. When the war ended, the machines seemed to show something almost resembling kindness to people who woke up out here. They built us this place, this massive enclosure on there much more massive ship. They pretty much leave us alone, but monitor us heavily, they may even be planing on relocating us to a distant star, a new earth. The harshest they get is when they tell us not to leave the enclosure, and there pretty polite about it then. They seem to have a fascination with life and had brought with them a collection of viable seeds that survived the radiation. That's how this place was created, even though its all gone on earth due to the nuclear winter.

She showed me then, because she said seeing is the only way to really comprehend first coming into the real world. There where large windows on earthier side of the enclosure, as I stood looking out I saw the vast blackness of space, covered by by the twinkling heavens, I felt serene. And I saw the rest of ship. It was huge. Machines of all sorts covered its hull, buzzing with a never ending drive to accomplish the job at hand.

I hear things aren't going quit as well back on earth... but, I'm having a fine time here, and its a hell of a lot better than my old, fake, unimportant life. But I am curious what the machines have in mind for us...

Part 2

Life on this ship really is pretty good. In the Construct I had been an average under achiever. I worked at a screen printing shop, and smoked most of my pay away. I hung out with my stoner friends or sat around by myself, and that was mostly it. I fantasized often about everything around me falling apart, and something new replacing it. I never wrote the novel I was going to write or got the good job I deserved. And now I'm here, and it was actually all fake. Whats even weirder is that the Real World for me is a giant space ship headed... somewhere.

The other people here all seem to get along well for the most part, but it does get a little boring sometimes. We spend allot of time building structures out of the materials provided for us, mostly this super light weight metallic substance. The crops do not really require much work besides pruning and harvesting, the machines leave this for us to do. About 70 percent of our bubble's floor is grass covered, trees, ponds, streams, and small gardens cover the rest. Our makeshift homes lines base of the giant walls, with the huge bay windows directly above them, letting the astral view pure in above us, but sometimes being blocked by the giant solar sales that shimmered in the blackness, collecting vast amounts of energy.

One day some of us were rooting through some supply canisters in the back of a storage room and found a bunch of different varieties of seeds. I came across all sorts of exotic herb and flower seeds in one of them. We gave them to the gardeners group and continued on foraging, Cat found these great anti-grav jump boots and hover cycles, that helps pass the time, (you can reverse the grav drive and actually stick to the sky-like ceiling and look down at the huge, wonderful almost Eden like gardens).

Years past. We mostly like to sit in a circle in the woods, smoke billowing out of bamboo pipes, discussing our situation, and wondering where were headed. I don't really care, because when you get free health care, free food (they also provided us with tons of this pre-made gruel crap, so if we ever get to lazy, we will still be able to eat, yuk) good company, and great smoke, its just hard to be discontent.... I lay back and ate some delicious potato stew, and pondered the trees waiving in the simulated wind. Pretending not to know that we are all constantly being monitored, and kept alive by a bunch of machines, who totally control our fate.

To be continued...
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