The dream rewritten ch4

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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The dream rewritten ch4

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The adrenaline rushed through Trax as he opened his eyes and found himself on his back encased in what seemed to be the pod from his dreams naked and covered in sticky pink goo.

He struggled to catch his breath as he tried to break out.
He stretched his arms upwards towards some sort of soft shell as far as he could and snap!. The shell broke, he sat up and put his hands around the cord that ran down his throat and he pulled it out almost vomiting while gasping like mad for air.

Back in the Matrix agent Jackson lost his stone face for a second as he realized that his bullet had penetrated the brick wall instead of Trax. He looked surprised as he walked away wondering what just happened.

Trax looked in confusion at the cables connected to his arms and legs while his hands made their way to the back of his neck. His fingers were now wrapped around what felt like a cable stuck in the back of his head.

Something was different this time. He was expecting to wake up in his bed as usual with a burning headache. But it never happened. He began to look around him and what he saw made his blood freeze. He doubted what his eyes were showing him. He saw row after row of huge towers filled with naked humans sleeping comfortably in their pods with cables sticking out of them.

His mind went blank. He was in shock and began to shake as he gazed out at the towers that seemed neverending.

Back on the BUSHIDO everyone was stunned.

”HE DID IT”! Jade screamed overjoyed.

Cabal and Ming just looked at each other with a perplexed look on their faces and said nothing.

Saviour: ”Well what did I say razor, there is a first time for everything”.

”Yeah but, but how”?.

”We can worry about that later, locate his position and let’s go get him” captain Ming said breaking his silence.

As Trax sat there scared out of his mind a big grotesque machine came flying towards him. When he saw it he threw himself backwards screaming.

The machine just hovered in front of Trax. It seemed to be examining him.

Trax pushed himself as far back in the pod as possible just staring in horror at this thing whatever it was.

The machine started moving towards Trax as what seemed to be a big metal arm came out of it.

His heart raced and he couldn’t control his breathing as his body shivered violently.

Trax was about to faint when the machines metal arm shot out grabbing him around the throat and lifting him up. Trax tried to free himself while his feet dangled in the air but it was impossible. He was being choked to death.

Then the cables started bursting out of Trax as he was hanging there helpless. He screamed as he felt the cable in his neck being yanked out.
When the machine was done it let him go and ascended to higher regions.

He fell back down into the pod completely exhausted, his body twitching fiercly.

He tried to get back up but his limbs would not obey his commands.

As he was laying there weak and confused the BUSHIDO was on it’s way. Everyone onboard were still astounded by the fact that Trax had escaped the Matrix the way that he did.

All of a sudden Trax found himself being flushed out of the pod into a pipe.

He raced down the pipe at great speed while his stomach turned inside out, then the pipe ended abruptly and he was shot out of it falling through the air down towards a big pool of water.

It was a big drop and the hard impact made him throw up. His body seemed lifeless as he floated back up to the surface. Blood was flowing out of his mouth.

He was about to give up when an incredibly bright light blinded him and he felt himself being lifted up towards the unknown. His thoughts drifted away and he lost consiousness.

The hours passed and finally he opened his eyes and found himself in a small dark room on a bed with clothes on his body. As he was laying there starring at the ceiling he began to wonder where he was and what had happened.

He was very weak but with some effort he managed to get up and was now sitting on the edge of his bed. The only thing that was familiar to him at this point was his headache.

He slowly raised his right arm and rolled up the left sleeve of his torn black sweater and gently touched the holes where the cables had been as the thought that this was another weird dream began to surface.

His hands now made their way to the back of his head and to his surprise he discovered that he had no hair and chills went through him when he felt the hole in his neck.

An overwhelming sense of despair washed over him and his head fell down between his knees as he slowly began to realize that this was something he probably wasn’t going to wake up from.

He turned his head to the left and looked at the rusty door as he picked up the sound of footsteps drawing nearer.

The door opened slowly and a soft light caressed his eyes as a tall, well built man with dark hair and ragged clothes entered the room.

”Oh you’re awake, how are you feeling”? the man asked with a gentle voice.

Trax didn’t answer.

”You’re probably wondering where the hell you are right”.

Trax lifted his head while looking at the man that was towering over him, ”Yeah you could say that”.

”Yeah well, it will all be explained in time, I was just as confused as you are now when I first came here”.

”And where is here”? he asked curiously.

”Like I said explanations later”.

Trax didn’t ask again because when he thought about it he was not so sure he wanted to know.

”Who are you, whats your name”? he decided to ask instead.

”It used to be Eric, but that was before being released”.

Trax was about to ask him what he meant when the man raised his arm to shake his hand.

”Saviour at your service”.

Trax flew out of his bed and just starred at him. ”YOU, YOU’RE THE SAVIOUR, YOU’RE THE ONE I HAVE BEEN-

”The one and only” Saviour replied and started laughing as he once again raised his arm.

Trax grabbed his hand and shook it as he lowered his voice.

”If you really are the saviour then you know about my nightmares”.

”Yes I know about the pod, the man watching you all of it”.

”Wait a minute I never told you about, holy shit that was you on my computer wasn’t it. But still, I never told you about being watched by anyone”.

”Like I said I know what you were dreaming”.


”And the fact of the matter is that when you found yourself trapped in that pod every night you were not dreaming, you were waking up”.

Trax sat back down on the edge of his bed looking down on the floor more confused now than before.

”First, I have nightmares about being trapped in some fucking pod with cables sticking out of me, then I,m being watched by god knows who even though I haven’t done anything, some girl shows up at my apartment and slaughters a bunch of cops, I end up behind a dumpster with a gun to my head and black out, and before I know it I find myself in the pod, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN MY DREAMS!. And to top it off I get flushed down a pipe, pass out and wake up here. I have to say that I am really looking forward to your explanation”.

”I understand that, I know what you are going through, but don’t worry everything’s going to be just fine, now come and meet the rest of the crew”.

Trax stood up and they walked out of the room into the grey narrow corridors of the BUSHIDO. A man came down a ladder a walked towards them.

”Oh hi, already up and running huh, thats good. I’m Razor, welcome to the BUSHIDO”.


”Yeah thats the name of our ship. You’ll like it here we’re all nice people. The food isn’t the best but that’s the least of our problems. Well I’ll see you later” Razor said as he went on his way.

”One question down several more to go”.

”Ship, we’re on a ship”?.

”A hovercraft, yeah thats right. Now let’s get you introduced to the others”.

This is insane Trax thought to himself as they climbed up the ladder onto the upper deck. Saviour guided Trax towards the dining quarters where the rest of the crew were located.

When they opened the door and entered the room everybody pushed back their chairs and stood up. Trax immediately recognized Jade although she didn’t look exactly like he remembered her. She wasn’t wearing her slick black leather coat and dark glasses but was dressed more like the others with a torn grey sweater and dark blue pants. But the long black hair, slim body and deep brown eyes were still the same.

He thought it felt good with a familiar face but at the same time the images from the bloodbath were still fresh in his mind.

”You have already met Jade and this our captain Ming”.

”Hello Trax and welcome, feeling better I hope”.

”Yeah a little, I’m just very confused”.

”The first days are always the hardest to get through. I’m Cabal and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask”.

”Yeah ok, I’ll remember that”.

”I understand that you have many questions and they will all be answered soon but now we have to get moving. We shouldn’t remain in the same place for too long” captain Ming said as he walked out of the room and Cabal was about to leave too when he turned around and looked at Trax ”Nice meeting you and don’t forget what I said ok”.

”I won’t thanks”.

”Do you want something to eat”? Jade asked and her voice still had an almost hypnotic effect on Trax.

He glanced at her plate and what was on it did not look very appetizing but he didn’t care since he was hungry as hell.

Saviour walked out and closed the door. Trax grabbed a plate and put some of the disgusting goop on it and sat down beside Jade.

Trax: ”I have to ask you, that red pill, what was that?. Because ever since I swalloved it very strange things have been happening to me”.

Jade: If you hadn’t taken it we would not have been able to locate your position and pick you up”.

Trax: ”My position”?.

Jade: ”All pods are connected to a power plant and the pill helps us pinpoint the location of the person that is to be freed”.

Trax: ”But I don’t understand, I thought it was only a dream. Saviour said that when I dreamed about the pod I wasn’t dreaming at all, I was awake. But that doesen’t make sense because I woke up in my bed everytime so how could it be anything but a dream”.

Jade: ”But you didn’t wake up in your bed this time did you”.

He shoved his spoon into the pile of goop he had on his plate, put it in his mouth and swalloved it as he now understood what Razor meant.

Trax: ”Obviously not. So what the hell is going on because I have absolutely no idea what has happened to me. And why did those cops come after us”?.

Jade: ”Because they don’t like it when we set people free”.

Trax: ”Who are they and what do you mean set people free. Free from what”?.

Jade: ”Agents of the system that is keeping the human race imprisoned. The same system that has withheld the truth from you and kept you blind your entire life”.

Trax: ”What are you talking about, what system”?.

A serious expression spread across her face as her voice lost its soft tone and turned darker. ”The Matrix”.

Suddenly a loud warning signal sounded throughout the ship.

ad icin evoc deht...
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