The dream ch 7

What happens after Revolutions? Is there another Matrix, is there everlasting peace? What were the alternative storylines? What were other characters' stories? Deus Ex, City 01, Apoc, Switch, Merv... Let your imagination go wild in here, maybe even write the Matrix 4 script!...
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The dream ch 7

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Trax was really enjoying his stay in zion and for days he wandered around, astonished at the sight of this huge underground city. Usually Jade accompanied him and they talked for hours about everything, but he still didn’t say anything
to anyone about the weird feeling that he had been experiencing more frequently. It was the same calm sensation he had felt when confronted by agent Jackson and when fighting Ming, and although it was not a bad feeling he was disturbed by it because he was unable to figure out what it meant.

The rumour about his self ejection from the Matrix spread like wildfire and he soon noticed how he was given curious looks and there was even people saying he might be more powerful than the one because not even he had released himself.

His room was on the higher levels and this night,like every other night, he leaned over the railing and watched the lights fade then went to bed gently falling asleep.

He walked down an empty street, not a sound anywhere. The sky was black and in front of him a thick, dark fog came rolling towards him like a sandstorm. When it reached him it wrapped around his legs and proceeded to swirl around him, covering him up. He reached into the darkness trying to find a way out. Eventually a dim light appeared in front of him and it grew stronger as he walked further. He felt his body getting heavier and it was like the fog, that seemed to have a mind of its own, was slowing him down. When he finally touched the light it exploded, shattering the darkness, throwing him to the ground. He opened his eyes and looked around the room.

”Great, more fucked up dreams” he said to himself as he got out of bed and put on his black sweater. He opened the door and walked out, took a deep breath, put his hands on the railing and looked over to the other side. He saw Neo standing there talking to an old man. Trax had met Neo and the rest of the Nebuchadnezzar crew very briefly on his second day in Zion. They seemed to be having a very serious conversation and Trax wondered what it must feel like to have everybodys expectations hanging over you.

”Hello there”.

The spooky voice made Trax jump and he turned around looking at a man with an expressionless face whose eyes were completely empty.


”I don’t believe we have been properly introduced”.

The mans very unnatural voice and weird appearance made Trax feel very uncomfortable. He shook his hand and a very disturbing feeling that something was wrong made him withdraw his hand quickly.

”I am Bane.

”I’m Trax”.

”Oh I know, I have heard all about you and your miraculous escape from the Matrix”. Bane appeared to be somewhat annoyed and seemed very tense as if he was nervous about something.

”I must admit it is quite remarkable”. He pointed at Neo and it sounded like he was mocking him when he said ”Not even the ONE has done what you did”.

”I have no idea how I did what I did and from what I have heard Neo can do some pretty amazing things, and people seem to have a lot of faith in him”.

Bane lowered his voice and muttered still looking at Neo, ”Oh yes Neo the saviour, hm, I am not so sure, I wouldn’t count on him too much if I were you”.

The conversation continued for a while and Banes odd behavior was freaking Trax out.

”I’m going to get some sleep now so I’ll see you around”.

”Sweet dreams. We’ll see you, maybe when you least expect it”.

As Trax closed his red, rusty door he saw the frustrated Bane walking away. Trax was laying on his bed with Banes haunting voice stuck in his head but he soon fell asleep again.

In the Bushido the following day.

Ming: ”You ok”?.

Trax: ”Yeah, but it’s going to feel very strange”.

Jade: ”It does feel weird the first time you go back in but you quickly get used to it”.

Cabal jacked in Trax, Jade, Saviour and Ming while Razor remained on the ship.

The four black clad rebels walked side by side through the city and Trax felt very depressed as he still had a hard time accepting that he had been tricked into thinking that this was his real life. He did not know where they were headed, only that Ming was going to see someone called the oracle. Apparently she was very wise and many people sought her counsil. They arrived at the oracles building and Ming went inside while the others waited. After about thirty minutes Ming came back down and it was obvious that it had been a serious conversation. He glanced at Trax as they made their way back into the city.

”Why did he look at me like that”? Trax whispered to Saviour.

”I don’t know but you must have been the main topic of their conversation, probably something about your escape”.

Mings look disturbed Trax very much and he didn’t like not knowing what had been said about him and he probably wasn’t going to find out because as he had been told, when you are given information from the Oracle that information is for you and you alone.

Trax looked around, nervously expecting an agent to pop up in the crowd any second and he was prepared to pull out the two guns he had hidden under his leather jacket. Suddenly something made Trax look to his right into an alley and he saw a tall, cloaked figure lurking in the dark with a hood covering his face. He looked up and Trax saw the dim shapes of a pale, skinny face and piercing eyes looking straight at him. Then the man or whatever it was turned around and vanished into the shadows.

Jade turned around and saw the confused look on Trax face.

Jade: ”What is it”?.

Trax: ”Nothing ”.

Jade: ”You look like you’ve seen a ghost”.

Trax: ”I thought I saw someone but I must have been hallucinating or something”.

Jade: ”Are you ok”?.

Trax: ”Yeah I’m fine don’t worry about it”.

Ming picked up his phone and called Cabal who had an exit ready for them.

They were about five minutes away from the exit when the crowd scattered as a horde of cops came running and in an instant all the rebels had their guns drawn blasting away, their bullets pounding the cops bodies as people screamed in panic. They ran for the exit with a few more cops in pursuit when Trax turned around and emptied his clips at them.

He threw away his guns and ran towards the last cop to finish him off before he could reload his gun when he started screaming and twitching. His opponent was now agent Johnson but Trax showed him no respect and went after him with everything he had connecting with a few good shots until a hammerpunch from Johnson smashed him into the ground.

He rolled away from a stomp kick that crushed the ground instead of his chest, got back up and kept fighting. It didn’t take long before a spinning kick followed by a devestating right hook that would have decapitated any normal man caught Johnson on the chin. He staggered but quickly recovered and was about to go after the now running Trax and the others when Jade and Saviour sprayed him with bullets to keep him busy. When they reached the exit they seemed to have lost him.

Ming and Saviour got out first and Jade was about to pick up the phone when a bullet slammed into her thigh dropping her to the ground screaming. Trax turned around and saw Johnson coming at them with his gun held high and threw himself on top of Jade and put his arms around her. This has got to work he thought and focused as hard as he could.

Everyone on the Bushido starred in disbelief at Trax and Jade as they opened their eyes gasping for air. They had cheated death but how it had been done was a mystery.

Agent Johnson lowered his gun, turned around and put his hand by his ear. ”They dissapeared”.

ad icin evoc deht...
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